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PRESS RELEASE 07.09.2016


A special lucrative meeting was held on September 7th 2016 with the members and leadership of the “Worker's Romania” Association (officially registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations active on Romanian territory with the number 1066 / A / 1996) , the first such meeting at our new address.
Those present observed a moment of silence in honor of the founder of our association, Mr. Dediu Daniel (who passed away a little more than a year ago) and we have all agreed upon keeping the same statute and the same format since 1996, the year when our association was officially registered.
On this occasion, the new leadership for a period of one year was elected:

  • Mr. Ciprian-Dorel POP will hold the position of Secretary General of the Association for one year (managing, among others, the external representation of the association, the connection with progressive organizations around the world and media relations, including editing our monthly publication).

  • Mr. Constantin Duca took over as Secretary and cheif of our Association's branch in Prahova County, with its headquarters in the little town of Băicoi.

  • Mr. Lucian Dinescu holds the position of Secretary.

  • Mr. Catalin Hornariu holds the position of Secretary.

Asociația România Muncitoare/Romanian Worker's Association

OSIM-M-2005-06220; ISSN-1224-2543

Str. Iancu Jianu, 6,
Bloc M 192, Etaj 7, Apt. 77,
District 5,
Telephone:   0040/724717293

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