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Whistle of Love for Posterity - Unique on This Planet

 Whistle of Love for Posterity - Unique on This Planet

Train is normally regarded a means of transportation for carrying passengers or freights in large quantity. In our country, however, it is taken synonymous with the love for coming generations.

In our country where mountains take up nearly 80% of the whole territory, various means of commuting to schools are in operation to ensure the attendance at schools even for the children in the northern highlands, including Ryanggang Province and Jagang Province, and in the sparsely populated remote areas, and one of the means is commuter train for schoolchildren.

In earlier times, the children living in the remote mountain areas had to wake up early in the morning to go to school because the schools are far away and the roads are rugged, and their parents also had to spend busy time from the early morning to prepare for their children going to schools.

Such an agony of children and their parents living in mountain areas came to be finally removed when President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il took measures to operate commuter trains for them.

The arrival of the commuter trains helped decrease the commute of the schoolchildren from 90 minutes to 15 minutes, and the number of trains increased along with the growing number of schoolchildren, and waiting halls were newly built in the train stations to enable the schoolchildren to study while waiting, though shortly, for the trains.

The operational expenses for trains are entirely borne by the state, and intermediate stations or elegant stations are arranged even for two or three schoolchildren.

The commuter trains born of the benevolent measures taken by the President and the Chairman are conveying the legends of love through generations, as they run as ever along the railway track.

Now, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un regards the children as the kings and queens of the country and spares nothing for them. He ensured that the commuter trains for our schoolchildren run at all times, the children’s camp at the picturesque area in Songdowon is renovated into children’s palace of modern style, and exclusive trains are arranged for carrying children from Pyongyang railway station directly to the gate of camp.

Moreover, he saw to it that all the conditions of exclusive trains meet the world standards in a way that TV screen is installed in each cabin to display cartoons and various shows helpful for teaching common knowledge.

Even in the period of arduous march and forced march forced by the attempts of the hostile forces to isolate and stifle the DPRK in 1990s, the commuter trains never stopped running, and the whistle of commuter trains continues to resound in the face of the difficult time of global health crisis.

In this world, there would be no other country where trains are operated for a few children even at the economic loss. The reality where commuter trains are running for just two or three children, and exclusive trains for children are arranged is unimaginable in the capitalist countries where only economic interests are counted.

So much so that foreign friends who witnessed the happy life of our children expressed their excited feelings that they came to know the true meaning of “kings and queens” being referred to the children in the DPRK; children in the DPRK are genuine kings and queens of the country; they want to be born in the DPRK if they are blessed with an opportunity to be born again; and the children in the DPRK are really the happiest in the world.

The legendary tales unfolded in the DPRK can be written only in the socialist country enjoying the politics of the people’s leaders who care and love most the coming generations.


A Precious Treasure of Priceless Worth


We still can never forget the broadly smiling image of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who was so glad to see the children of ordinary working people receiving medical treatment in the palatial hospital when he visited Okryu Children’s Hospital on March 21, 2014.

Okryu Children’s Hospital is a modern and comprehensive children’s hospital that respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally selected its site to be built at a place opposite to Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. He also reviewed the miniature of its design for dozens of times and saw to it that it was completed at world standard.

On July 16, 2013, a pouring wet day, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the insecure construction site of the children’s hospital when the frame construction had been just finished. He ensured that the hospital is equipped with a complete set of modern, cutting-edge medical equipment and all sorts of fixtures, ambulances and cars for management and operation, and took a solicitous step to build even a helicopter landing site, saying that no expense should be spared for the children.

On October 5, 2013, he again visited the children’s hospital just before its completion and personally named it as “Okryu Children’s Hospital”, saying that the word “Okryu” with the meaning of the flow of water so clean and fresh like bead is a good word symbolizing Pyongyang together with “Ryugyong”.

A few days later, the opening ceremony of Okryu Children’s Hospital was held with splendor on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

After having looked around Okryu Children’s Hospital which was built in a modern style to capture juvenile fancy, foreigners from various countries opened their hearts as follows; this reminds us of a palace rather than a mere hospital, it is impressive to see that the juvenile in-patients can continue their study in the education rooms built in the hospital, we can hardly believe that such excellent equipment are bought at high prices to give free medical services to the children and we are so envious of the children who are living in such a wonderful country.

Indeed, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un values the children as a precious treasure of priceless worth, and gives them prominence as all of the hope and future. As we uphold him in high esteem as great father, Korean revolution will advance in victory forever by dint of the strength of love for posterity and future.


Dreams and Hopes Guaranteed by State Policy


The latest 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) successfully reviewed the start of the great change and advance in the socialist construction. The policy of love for the coming generation adopted at the Meeting has touched the hearts of all people of the country, drawing worldwide attention.

Special measures for the coming generation are continuously taken at every important meeting which discusses the political affairs of the Party and the state in our country. Yet an important measure was again taken at the Meeting to provide, at the state's expense, all the students across the country with new-style, high-quality school uniforms and bags.

Such world-surprising reality is inconceivable apart from the love of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who has made the supply of new school uniforms a policy, saying that it should be a must, not affected by the financial availability.

It is reportedly estimated that in the world, more than 1.2 billion children are forced into miserable life because of the armed conflicts and poverty, 123 million children are deprived of the right to learning, 1 out of 10 children is forced into child labor, and 1 billion children are suffering from violence and maltreatment…

As these statistics illustrate, those children are fated to find themselves on the battlefields in militant uniforms rather than go to school in school uniforms, and to leave their beloved homeland and wander around carrying refugee packages instead of schoolbags in their prime time of learning.

These are the miserable scenes of the children – a commonplace in any part of the present world.

By contrast, in socialist Korea, the state makes the children’s precious dreams come true under its responsibility, taking the place of the tens of millions of parents.

On this land, all the children are bringing their beautiful dreams into blossom by carrying our lovely schoolbags and using stationery with brand names like “Sonamu” (pine tree), “Mindulle” (dandelion), “Haebaragi” (sunflower) and “Durumi” (crane), thanks to the warm love of the great father who takes whatever burdens and pains for the coming generation even in the face of global health crisis.

Our country is globally envied and lauded as a paradise for children where the precious dreams and hopes of the coming generation are fully guaranteed by the eternal state policy under the endless and benevolent love of our dear father.


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