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"Workers Romania" Association viewpoint and declaration against violence and war, supporting the Palestinian people


"Workers Romania" Association viewpoint and declaration against violence and war, supporting the Palestinian people


In the face of statements that already justify a new large-scale attack by Israel against the civilian population of Gaza, the "Workers Romania" Association reaffirms its solidarity with the Palestinians who endure a great ordeal and daily resist the occupation, apartheid and exile.


Considering the declaration of the state of war by the Israeli authorities for the first time since 1973, we remember the bulldozers that raze the Palestinian houses, the IDF soldiers who kill children and old people who only defended themselves, for the last 75 years, with words or stones in front of Israeli tanks, bullets and bulldozers.

The Israeli occupation has imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, creating a humanitarian emergency. Gaza is a small territory where 2.4 million people are crowded and which has already been declared by the UN as "uninhabitable" due to the impossibility of accessing basic resources for life.


The Israeli army has already launched new air attacks on the Gaza Strip, which represents a new violation of international law and UN resolutions.


"The Worker's Romania" Association believes that the only solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel is for the international community to guarantee Israel's compliance with the various resolutions regarding the occupied territories that it has systematically violated, to guarantee Palestine's right to be a sovereign and independent state, and to immediately implement a peace process that guarantees an end to the armed conflict.

Extremely sad information continues to come to us from the area!


Israeli air force jets bombed the Islamic University of Gaza on Wednesday, facilities that Israel says are an "important center of political and military power", while Palestine accused Tel Aviv of using phosphorus bombs banned by the United Nations.


The death toll in the Gaza Strip from Israeli attacks rises to 1,078.


In the fifth day of bombing by Israeli forces against the Gaza Strip, the incursion of planes also continues. This Wednesday, explosions and damage to infrastructure in residential areas were observed in the Gaza Strip.


The 1980 Geneva Convention prohibits the use of incendiary bombs in densely populated areas to prevent mass casualties.


The so-called "humanitarian gesture" of both Biden and Ursula von der Layen, by creating "corridors" is a war crime in itself against a population that has already experienced every possible war crime. It is the violent expulsion from their homes, the theft of land and the subsequent colonization. Tel Aviv will not stop killing until the last Palestinian is expelled.


Violence characterizes the daily situation experienced by the Palestinian people since the creation of the State of Israel. High militarization, control of mobility, discrimination and limitation of rights mean that they live under a regime of occupation and apartheid promoted by the Israeli government. Progressively, the Palestinian population found themselves locked up and displaced on less and less territory and with less access to resources.


For years, the blockade of Gaza, which limits the entry of basic supplies such as water, means that the majority of its population lives in a situation of extreme poverty. Gaza is a prison designed for two million people. Due to the asymmetry, all the power of the State of Israel, with the support of a large part of the international community, has made the existence of a Palestinian State unviable. Peace, justice and respect for international law in the region will only be achieved through agreed solutions that grant the same rights to live in freedom and dignity to all the people.


In the wake of the latest attacks, the Israeli Defense Minister announced a total siege of the Gaza Strip, ordering the shutdown of any means of electricity, gas or food supplies. These statements are a public admission of their intention to commit war crimes, even if they have already been committed. This collective punishment is illegal and contravenes international law, which expressly prohibits it while protecting food shipments.


Since the Hamas attack on Israel and when a bloody Israeli repression falls on the civilian populations of Gaza and the occupied West Bank, journalistic "poisoning" has also multiplied! We note with sadness how the Romanian press does not respect the principle of the three sources or "audiatur et altera pars" (listen to the other side as well), unilaterally presenting only one point of view, and the drama of the Palestinian civilians no longer matters!


Documenting Israeli crimes in Gaza and the West Bank is becoming increasingly complicated for journalists as Israel now bans international journalists from entering Gaza and cuts off internet connections. Therefore, what the Israeli government authorizes through its established censorship system is only one-sided coverage of events.


Since October 7th, the major news agencies have been spreading the fake news that one would expect. CNN has massively broadcasted information about the beheading of 40 Israeli children by Hamas. A few hours after this information was broadcasted around the world, many media outlets, such as the BBC, retracted and removed this information because it was false.

Social networks are also the scene of numerous coordinated disinformation operations by bots and fictitious accounts that feed false information. The European Union has pressured Elon Musk, the owner of social network X (formerly Twitter), to censor independent media that defends Palestine.


Disinformation is a well-established Israeli strategy, used in particular to justify the violence of the collective repression carried out against the Palestinians. Already in May 2021, Israel conducted a disinformation campaign regarding the penetration of its troops into Gaza.


The circulation of false information makes it possible to legitimize and justify Israel's war crimes against the Palestinians, which are silenced by the world's media.


The Israeli media is running a propaganda campaign to question Palestine as a state. There was an international understanding that this war should be resolved on a mutually beneficial basis for the people of both states. Israel opposed this and now has found a good time to convince the world that Palestine does not exist as a state.

The major media networks continue their support for the crimes of the Israeli army, which usually goes very far in its actions, defying the laws of war. After immediately denouncing the Hamas attack, which is indeed to be repudiated and denounced, they remain silent on the terrible repression that falls on the Palestinian civilian population, most of whom have never seen peace, although they are moderates and most of the civilians have nothing to do neither with Hamas, nor the Islamic Jihad or the Iranian intelligence services or from other directions that have an interest in troubling the waters! Many are just civilians, teenagers and school children, farmers, young and old alike!


Therefore, in the face of statements that already justify a new large-scale attack, we, the representatives of the "Worker´s Romania" Association  from Bucharest, Romania, reaffirm our solidarity with the Palestinians who daily resist the occupation, apartheid and exile and, by all means, we will make known the genocide they are going through. We pray for peace and extend our hand in solidarity!













Ciprian Pop

Secretary General of the "Worker's Romania" Association

15th October 2023

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