sâmbătă, 10 februarie 2018



We have the pleasure to greet you from Romania once again and to inform our comrades and friends about our latest activities:
  • On the 8th February, Secretary General of the Worker's Romania Association, Ciprian Pop, together with other members (Comrade Minoiu Nicolae and Ion Coman) attended the reception hosted by His Excellency,  Ri Pyong Du, Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to Romania at the Korean Diplomatic Mission in Bucharest. A special message was presented on this occasion, celebrating the birthday of Comrade Kim Jong Il, former Korean Head of State, those memory will always be remembered.
  • On the 31st January, Secretary General of the Worker's Romania Association, Ciprian Pop, attended the reception hosted by His Excellency, Roberto César Hamilton MAGAÑA, Cuban Ambassador to Romania, just one month after the start of his mandate in our country, to mark the 59th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution. The activity, organized at the residence the Cuban Ambassador, attracted the presence of personalities and friends, among whom were parliamentarians, officials of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Romania, from the Chambers of Commerce, businessmen and representatives of political, social, solidarity organizations, among others.

  • On the 26th January we took part in the cultural activity organized by the Cuban Embassy on the premises of the "José Martí" School in Bucharest, paying tribute to the Apostle of the Cuban independence and the country's national poet, José Martí, on the 165th anniversary of his birth.
I take this pleasant opportunity to wish you all the very best and I remain sincerely yours,
Ciprian POP
Secretary General of the "Worker's Romania" Association
10th February 2018

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