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Special Measure

 Special Measure

In a typhoon-stricken area in South Hamgyong Province on the east coast of Korea,

Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s

Republic of Korea, sent an open letter to all the Workers’ Party of Korea members in the

capital city of Pyongyang on September 5, appealing them to turn out in the

reconstruction projects in the severely damaged North and South Hamgyong provinces.

It was the first-ever special measure. This year a series of similar measures were taken

in the country.

Anticipating the potential danger of COVID-19 that may lead to a world-wide

disaster, in late January Kim Jong Un had a measure taken for blockading the country’s

borders first in the world.

It was his unshakable determination to safeguard the people’s lives and security

without fail even though the county’s economic sector may experience difficulties.

He convened one important meeting after another, including a meeting of the Political

Bureau of the WPK and a plenary meeting of the WPK Central Committee, stressing the

need to maintain without interruption the strict measures taken to block the inroads of


On receiving the report that the inland area of Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North

Hwanghae Province was damaged by floods, he drove his car to the area. He instructed

that food grains should be supplied to the flood victims from the reserve of the Chairman

of the State Affairs Commission, and the departments of the WPK Central Committee

and the families of officials at its headquarters should shoulder the entire responsibility

for providing them with necessities including beddings, daily goods and medicines.

When officials proposed rebuilding only 400 houses and repairing the remaining 400

houses in the damaged area, he took an unexpected measure for rebuilding all the 800

houses. Supported by his politics of loving the people, the flood victims came to live at

the building of the county committee of the WPK, whereas the county Party officials

worked in tents. Such a reality has never been heard nor witnessed before in the country.


On the spot he convened an enlarged meeting of the Executive Policy Council of the

WPK Central Committee to adopt measures for rehabilitating the typhoon-stricken areas

in North and South Hamgyong provinces on the east coast. He is not concerned about

any convention or form if he can remove the misfortune of the people as early as


It is too clear that his special measures would bring about special results. They will

not be merely material results such as new dwelling houses and public buildings and

renovated living environments to mark the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK on

October 10, but a further cemented single-minded unity of the Korean society that no

force can equal and nothing can break.

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