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Worker's Romania association, against lockdowns, curfews, Covid passports and compulsory vaccination

 Worker's Romania association, against lockdowns, curfews, Covid passports and compulsory vaccination

 Dear all,

The "Worker's Romania" association, officially registered under no. 1066/1996 in the Register of Foundations and Associations from Romania, based in Bucharest and lead by Secretary General, Ciprian Pop, wishes to bring to the attention of fellow associations, organisations, trade unions and political parties from allover the world, that we are in contact with, as well as to our friends and collaborators, that we strongly and energetically reject the lockdown measures imposed at global level and the local ones, imposed here, in Romania.

We believe that this lockdown policy or the curfews, under the false pretext of the appearance of different kinds of virus mutations or waves and manifestations  is nothing more than a dictatorial measure, reminding us of the horrific times of fascism and is not helpful at all in attacking  the flu.

Hundreds of millions of people are suffering from massive deteriorating conditions and are threatened by unemployment, overexploitation and repression. In Romania, especially, but also elsewhere, the tourism and food sectors have been badly hit, thousands of small businesses have disappeared and families have lost their basic income, which is , no more, no less, the equivalent of an economic crime, committed by our top politicians, echoing corrupted globalist points of view and following the criminal group lead by Klaus Schwab and Soros, from the Davos Forum.

It doesn't come as a surprise the fact that international pharmaceutical companies have increased their profitability and collect billions of public money out of this so called pandemic. Medicines, medical supplies, vaccines and research are in the hands of large private companies and it is also a known fact that these actors are funding the World Health Organisations, surely, one of the most corrupted, those decisions we no longer trust.

We express serious doubts regarding the clinical studies that have stayed at the basis of vaccine development, within such a short period of time, and we pronounce ourselves strongly against compulsory vaccination.

We also believe that the so called "digital Green Pass system" or "green passport", which is expected to be working within three months, possibly as early as summer, is an act that would lead to segregation and discrimination.

The Worker's Romania Association, therefore, opposes the vaccine certificate proposal due to seriou worries that it might lead to discrimination against people who have not been vaccinated and might raise concerns about fairness. Such a certificate could damage the legal foundations of basic rights and freedoms of working people worldwide and we believe that trade unions must take an active role against it.

Vaccination is and must remain a voluntary matter and no form of pressure should be admitted.

The Covid health certificate, or whatever it may be called, raises many questions regarding the freedom of movement and freedom to work and study and, of course, the number of "undocumented" people would increase, an incentive added to the reasons for the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants, refugees and non-EU citizens.

If we do not react strongly now, under a single voice, there might come a time when the people of this world, no matter their nationality, who exercise their right not to be vaccinated, could be considered "undocumented" and second-class citizens, which is unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen.

The Worker's Romania association, from Bucharest, Romania, believes that it is imperative that there be official voices from trade unions, associations like ours or simple Individuals saying a resounding NO to these discriminatory policy of the Covid certificate and against any kind of lockdowns or curfews, that are only being used to take our freedom away.

May I remind you the words of a great thinker and revolutionary, Che Guevara, who was once saying: ”Is it not true that our brotherhood transcends distances, different languages, and the absence of close cultural links, and unites us in the struggle?" 

Thanking you for your attention, I should be grateful if this letter would be circulated as an official document of the International Trade Unions organisation of UISTAACT from Montréuil, France and I am optimistic that it would be signed and translated by as many people as possible. Remember, if we do not react now as a single voice, by tomorrow, it may already be too late.

May God help us all in the difficult task that lies ahead of us now!

Comradely yours,

Ciprian Pop

Secretary General

Worker's Romania association



March 11, 2021

Worker's Romania association, against lockdowns, curfews, Covid passports and compulsory vaccination

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