vineri, 23 martie 2018

Huge protest of Romanian miners

Hundreds of miners from the Oltenia Mining Complex (CEO) went on strike earlier today. Their dissatisfaction is related to the salary wages which were supossed to be discussed under the new Collective Labor Agreement to be concluded today between the miners trade unions and the CEO's administration.

The Oltenia Mining Complex comprises several surface mining quarries and three thermal power stations in Gorj and Dolj counties (South-Western part of Romania) : Rovinari, Turceni - the most powerful in the country - and Craiova.

The protest began at Lupoaia mining site, in the Motru area. Approximately 200 people refused to go to work when their shift had started, early in the morning.

The miners are also upset with the conduct of the trade union leaders who were hired by the CEO's management as so-called "social inspectors" with very high wages, farr from representing the miners interests.

I shall tell you more in the coming hours, as the events are still developing.


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