vineri, 23 martie 2018

Romanian geologists produce the map with the country's most exposed areas in case of an earthquake

According to local press sources, dozens of cities in Romania could be evacuated in the event of a severe earthquake, as they would be destroyed. Among them, the red colored sites on the map, such as: Bucharest (the Capital city, with a population of almost 3 million people), Buzau (90 kms. from the capital) as well as the city Ploiesti (60 Kms. North of the Capital, on the Prahova Valley) where, according to the geologists and seismologists involved in the study, the number of deaths would be huge. In the case of Bucharest, especially the Northern part of the city would be strongly affected, while the Eastern part of the country, the historical province of Moldavia, would have to be almost completely evacuated should a strong earthquake hit the province. This means that in this part of the country, the buildings will be so affected that people can not return to their homes for weeks or maybe even months after a strong earthquake. The orange-colored counties on the so-called "rescue map" drawn for life rescue purposes following the advice of geologists and seismologists, show that more than 15 relatively big towns will also be severely affected by an earthquake. Among them, most of the towns and villages around Bucharest, but also towns like Râmnicu Sărat, Bacau, Mărăşeşti or Barlad, in the Eastern part of the country.

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