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Statement of the Worker's Romania Association regarding the US and French and British strikes against Syria

of the Worker's Romania Association regarding the US and French and
British strikes against Syria

Syrian comrades and brothers,

We are following with great sadness the events as they unfold in your country and we are now writing these lines to assure you of our militant solidarity, to let you know that our hearts are biting next to yours. 

What is now happening in your country is a risky and extremely aggressive action on the part of the Americans and the consequences could be extremely unpleasant: on one hand, because we may have a new refugee exodus, and on the other hand, the fact that we will witness a sudden worsening of US-Russia relations due to Mr. Trump's unethical political attitude and his madness for military confrontation as a manifestation in Washington's current foreign policy . 

        As it regards the hypocrisy of the other geopolitical actors involved, everything is very clear: the French would want to return to an area that was once their colony after the First World War.  They announced they are ready to launch a new so-called “peace project” in the area and it's no secret how the French Foreign Intelligence Service got involved not only once in Libya against Comrade Ghadafi (may he rest in peace). 

The British are also struggling to obtain their own “peace of cake” in the Middle East on the basis of the "late" Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 and they want to divide the area with the French.

I must emphasize that this an illegal military action was carried out without the approval of the UN Security Council, which proves that International Law is practically non-existent and, unless peace and justice loving people from around the world would rise up in defense of the Syrian people, the UN and other big actors aren't going to to that.

We declare our stand with both the Syrian people, government and army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and we fully support the constitutional order in your country. 

Please receive this little proof of militant solidarity, as well as the fact that I pray for the Syrian people and I hope justice and peace will prevail and your country will return to normal as soon as possible.

General of the Worker's Romania Association
April 2018

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