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To Her Excellency Mrs. Taous DJELLOULI,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to Romania

Your Excellency,

The „Worker's Romania” association, based in Bucharest, Romania, through the voice of its Secretary General, Ciprian POP, expresses its militant solidarity with the Secretary General of the Algerian Worker's Party, Louisa Hanoune, the first woman to run for the presidency of Algeria and a well known political personality in your country and we hereby urge the Algerian authorities to immediately release her.
We are very concerned as we come across the recent events unfolding in Algiers, which also led to the arrest of the Secretary General of the Workers' Party on May 9th, for her courageous political position and because of her attitude with regards to your country's current evolutions.

It is well known that Mrs. Louisa Hanoune supported the international labor movement, both in her own name, as well as she acted as one of the coordinators of the International Workers' and Peoples Agreement, animated by the desire to defend the freedom, sovereignty and democracy of the peoples and to achieve normal labor rights .
We are deeply grateful to Louise Hanune for supporting the Romanian workers' movement, especially through her international campaigns waged for the liberation of the trade union leaders who suffered as a result of the exercise of the mandate given by trade unionists.
If the course of events in Algeria takes such a turn, with political purges and the distortion of truth, your country's faith will be jeopardized. The disintegration of the country and the imperialist occupation are the dangers that threaten Algeria in this situation.
We ask for the immediate and unconditional release of Lousei Hanoune and we are sure that this letter will be forwarded to the concerned authorities in your country.
I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of our highest consideration and we send the Algerian people a cordial salute.
Ciprian POP
Secretary General
Worker's Romania” Association
12th May 2019

Cu respect /Best regards/Con atentos saludos/보냄

Asociatia Romania Muncitoare/Romanian Worker's Association

OSIM-M-2005-06220; ISSN-1224-2543
Telephone:  0040/724717293

One day we will not be separated by our ethnic origins, nor by national chauvinism or borders, rivers or seas, oceans and distances. We shall be, above all else, peoples that will unavoidably live in a globalized world, but a truly just, fraternal and peaceful world.

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