joi, 11 iunie 2020

A Country Free from Pollution

A Country Free from Pollution
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is drawing the attention of the
international society as a country free from pollution.
This country is free from mental pollution. Such an act as sacrificing others can never
be witnessed in the country; on the contrary, people devote themselves for the sake of
others, like a girl known across the country as girl mother for bring up orphans, young
people taking care of the elderly with no one to support, and a woman teacher who
piggybacked a crippled student to school for over ten years. Numerous stories of good
deeds are told in the country; an official saved another’s child first rather than his child
when they were drowned in a river, young people married discharged wounded soldiers
and people donated their blood and skin for a patient. What is surprising is that such
laudable deeds are regarded as commonplace in the country.
The CEO of the Johnson Nicolson Company of Malaysia said: In the DPRK man is
regarded as the most precious being and people possessed of ennobling moral and mental
traits live harmoniously, helping and leading one another forward. As a Christian, I
advise the people the world over to visit this heavenly land.
It is quite natural that such mental pollution as social evils and crimes that torment
people cannot be found in this heavenly land.
The DPRK is free from natural pollution as well.
Many visitors to the country say that the environment of Pyongyang, the capital of the
country, is very clean and beautiful. When spring comes, the scenery is unfolded; the
trees and shrubs on the roadsides are in full bloom and honey bees fly there.
The air of the banks of the Taedong River is very clear; at dawn and in the evening
people can be seen doing exercise or jogging by individuals, families or teams.
Everything in the country, including air, mountain, river, lake, spring and sea, is free
from pollution by waste materials. The fresh air and clear sky give a deep impression to
the foreign visitors. The Kumgangsan Spring Water and Kangso Mineral Water won
international certification as world-class natural drinks. Tourist attractions which make an
effective use of natural resources, like the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort, are drawing an
international attention as pollution-free areas.
Natural reserves including Mt Paektu, which is registered as an international
bio-sphere reserve, and other mountains like Kumgang, Myohyang and Chilbo and such
famous places and spots as the Songdowon bathing beach, Myongsasimni and Lake
Sijung are noted as pollution-free areas with protected natural ecological environment.
The DPRK protects the natural living monuments and the natural ecological
environment of natural reserves through state measures. Every year the work of
protecting land and environment including tree planting in spring and autumn, pest
control in forests, river improvement and forest restoration is conducted as a campaign
involving the whole country and all the people. The environment-friendly technologies
that utilize solar energy, terrestrial heat and wind are actively being developed and
introduced into economic development. The industrial enterprises and other production
units are putting their production lines on a germ- and dust-free footing. Thanks to such
measures aimed at protecting the environment the DPRK has turned into a land which
any world-wide epidemic cannot attack.
The international community are learning this from the fact that the country has so far
been unaffected by Covid-19 as it was by SARS and MERS.

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