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Kim Jong Il and Lucky Persons

Kim Jong Il and Lucky Persons
Chairman Kim Jong Il of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic
People’s Republic of Korea was possessed of ennobling and warm humane feelings.
There are many foreigners who were snatched from the jaws of death and found the
delight in life thanks to his love and warm care. Among those was a staff officer of the
Egyptian embassy in the DPRK.
In November 1994, he suddenly met an accident and the major organs of his body
were seriously injured. Still in a coma, he was taken to the Pyongyang Friendship
Even able doctors were hesitant to apply a scalpel to his body. His mother, who came
to the hospital from Egypt, gave up her hope for her son at the sight of his body.
Kim Jong Il, informed of the situation at the hospital, took necessary measures for
saving him from the jaws of death; a group of highly trained ten medical workers and the
latest medical equipment and tonic medicines were sent to the hospital; the medical
workers did their best for recovering him day and night and after an intensive treatment
of over one month, the patient recovered consciousness and soon left the hospital.
Being impressed, looking up to the portrait of Chairman Kim Jong Il, his mother
extended thanks to him, saying: His Excellency Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the
Korean people, lavished parental love to my son; I can’t find words to express my thanks
to him; he is a benevolent father who takes warm care of all the people whoever they are.
One July day in 1981, Govind, former Secretary General of the Asian Regional
Institute of the Juche Idea, was flying back to his homeland, after his visit to the DPRK.
Unfortunately, in the middle of the flight, he felt something strange with his body, and
had to get off in transit. He was taken to a hospital in that country. When he was
receiving medical treatment, an official of the DPRK came to the hospital with a Korean
doctor. On hearing the report that Govind was taken to a hospital on the way back home,
Kim Jong Il immediately dispatched a well-qualified doctor to that country with tonics
for him. And he saw to it that Govind’s son was sent to the hospital lest he should sorely
miss his son who was now in his homeland far away from there.
So impressed, he said: There is no greater joy for a man, a social being, than to be
loved and trusted by others. It is because affection and trust is the greatest thing which a
man can give to others. I received the affection and trust from Kim Jong Il, the great
person whom the people of the whole world respect. This happiness and honour can be
compared to nothing. In this sense, I can say that I’m a lucky man.

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