marți, 21 iulie 2020

Covin-19: Exposing The Grand Psyop:

Covin-19:  Exposing The Grand Psyop:
Implementing the Corporate, Globalist, and Deep State Agenda
1. Ruin the economy; destroy the middle class;
2. Create a war with China (a real money maker $$$ for the MIC);
3. Ban cash (it’s infected), making the way toward a digital currency. Oh, and don’t forget the coin shortage;
4. Outlaw public and large non public gatherings making protesting illegal and shutting down freedom of religion;
5. Vote by mail (rig elections);
6. Increase surveillance, test, track and trace (data harvesting, and control and monitoring of the populace); encourage and employ identification technologies:
7. Drastically hype the numbers to turn a SARS virus into a world wide pandemic to keep people in a constant state of fear and lowering their immunity;
8.  Emphasize public safety (while taking away personal freedoms);
9. Keep people isolated (preventing communication and social interaction); create division by encouraging snitches;
10. Social distancing: Keep people six feet apart to train them for biometric tracking and facial recognition, while chanting “We’re all in this together” (pure doublespeak);
11. Keep people wearing face masks (lessening oxygen intake) and out of the sun (depriving them of vitamin D), weakening their immune systems and making them sick (more $$$ for meds); stifle human expression and display of emotion;
12. Develop more vaccine programs (depopulation), tests, and medications (big pharma profits),
13. Suppress alternative therapies and cures like colloidal silver, turmeric, zinc, and vitamin C by arresting doctors who promote these approaches;
14. Create a world government and currency, following the WHO model;
15. Massive debt spending so the Fed can buy everything with money they create out of thin air;
16. Shutter small businesses, many closed permanently, while large corporate owned businesses remain open increasing their monopolies;
17. Massive bailouts for large corporations while providing a pittance for small businesses and the unemployed;
18. Evict tenants for non payment of rent while the FED, wealthy investors, and businessmen can scoop up properties for pennies on the dollar; wealth transfer on steroids;
19. Negative rates: decimate savers and the middle class, while using borrowed money to further pump the stock market (mostly wealthy); more wealth transfer;
20. Create even more debt, turning most people into debt slaves;
21. Continue to suppress the price of precious metals with fake paper supply to keep the public out of the market, while the .01 percent accumulate physical metals hand over fist at bargain basement prices;
22. Use the symptoms of COV-19 to mask the effects of 5G as we wend our way to the transhumanist technocracy;
23. Have the government distribute funds to get people used to government handouts and other Socialist policies, such as universal basic income.
24. Move everything online for MAXIMUM control. Tele-medicine, tele-retail, tele-education, tele-everything, limiting freedom of movement.
25. Smart everything for the Internet of Things and ultimate control.

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