joi, 2 iulie 2020

When you’ve crossed the line and you don’t realize it

When you’ve crossed the line and you don’t realize it

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “there is only one step between the sublime and the ridiculous”. Our rulers and the famous commission (the so called “Strategic Communication Group”, created by the Romanian Government) of which no one knows exactly who is a member, have made a few leaps towards being ridiculous. If you have the patience to listen to them for half an hour, you will find that the people who dispose of our lives have no idea, other than violating the basic rights of each and every one of us. Otherwise, I simply cannot explain why, people with more or less relevant studies, play such embarrassing games.

Because, if you have a little bit of intelligence, if you read what others say and if you look around you can't help but see that, from the defenders of the population's health, playing the role of "great saviors" of the nation, these individuals have become pathetic defenders of a dictatorship, which they support with fewer medical arguments than one who has not studied medicine would be capable of, and with a courage that can only be explained by the fact that they consider us idiots.

But, let’s see:

1. Stop venting the idea of concern for the population. In fact, you wouldn’t care if it burned... You have violated all human rights without justification, claiming that it is for our own good when: a) From the very beginning, you’ve only had 3 fixed ideas: stay home! (lock down), wash your hands! and keep the physical distance, treacherously called "social," which is something else entirely. You “have taken so much care of us” that some have even forgotten to breathe in the outside air, you have brought us to a point of depression seeing how you are violating our rights, including lives, because you have only cared about a virus whose effect you failed to explain and made us feel like a toy in your hands, a toy you can throw away when you want. So much for the “good” that you’ve done!!!

2. Even after three months, you could not or did not want to make anything other than assumptions. You and the Press that you’ve bought keep saying that the virus will return in the autumn, the number of “sick people” will increase if… so on and so forth ... Well, the number of “sick people” increases when it suits you, from the manipulation of various figures, the number of tests, the reporting data, you talk about “the people infected”, but never say how many of them are asymptomatic, and for autumn, you must be preparing something, only that this time, your lies may not work. You didn't explain anything about the virus, you just talked about the vaccine... You keep talking about the masks and other so-called “precautions”, the number of people at any gathering, etc. must be respected so as not to get worse, but the protests organized by the deep state in America and other parts of the world have not aggravated the situation too much, have they? Or the parties of your government and other elected officials, including in Brussels, where no rules were followed and nothing happened to you. You insult our intelligence!

3. You "bought" the press and shut up the voice of anyone who had a different opinion. I mean the Romanian doctors, and you censored the ones from abroad. Because, even among our doctors, there are some who saw the reality as it was and weren’t shy or afraid to mention it, only that there were few. There are more and more out there, some of whom have said about it since the end of March. And not a humble WHO official or a secretary of state who works like a mill, but academics from great universities in Europe and America. I will only quote the most important, famous Professor Montagner, Nobel prize laureate in medicine, whose interview was blocked by Youtube, precisely because he said what most of us see today:

1. The virus was manufactured in a laboratory, “escaped” who knows how, from China.

2. Its strength has been amplified by 5G technology, which is not a story as our “illustrious” press said, because the big outbreaks were exactly in the places where these technologies are applied, ie in industrial areas, Lombardy, Sao Paulo (Brazil), in France and the USA, where there is industrial development, etc. Professor Montagnier also said that the virus would weaken to extinction, without excluding the appearance of other less dangerous forms of viruses.

Therefore, spare us of your cheap manipulation and bear in mind that the virus has destroyed the planet's economy, that people will starve to death and probably other diseases will soon go higher, as you’ve decided to keep hospitals closed even for patients with chronic diseases and sooner or later you will be made responsible for this genocide. If you don't believe that, continue keeping the economy closed and go on with your horrific genocide, giving us as the only solution to wash our hands and you'll see where this might lead to. Ciprian Pop

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