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The Worker’s Romania association stands FOR PEACE, FOR HUMANITY, FOR LOVE AND LIFE!!!

 The Worker’s Romania association stands FOR PEACE, FOR HUMANITY, FOR LOVE AND LIFE!!!

The Worker’s Romania association from Bucharest, Romania, officially registered at no. 1066 in the Register of Romanian Foundations and Associations, unreservedly condemns Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and stands in full solidarity with the millions of victims of the attack. 

We call for an immediate cease-fire and a withdrawal of all Russian forces from Ukraine!

In line with the oldest traditions of the international trade union movement, we, from Bucharest, Romania believe that wars are never in the interests of working people and that working people and their families always pay the highest price, and suffer the most, when conflicts erupt that are led by elites with fully different interests to their own.

In continuation with the strong working-class history of cross-border solidarity, the Worker’s Romanian association salutes the actions of many of its members in donating from their small amounts of money or even by simply condemning the barbaric attack in simple words.

The Worker’s Romania association also stresses the vital importance of welcoming refugees with compassion and assistance. We believe that no matter who has the political power in his hands, we all must do everything in our powers to welcome and support all refugees from Ukraine as is determined under international law and in the unwritten laws of our hearts. The Romanian people have always shown sympathy and compassion and the images that I see these days, with mothers carrying their children, many of them being as old as my daughter, moved me to tears!

In addition to the awful human suffering, the crisis has already caused huge economic disruption that will impact on working people and our association fully supports calls for measures to protect Romanian families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis as the conflict drives up energy prices.  

Let this also be very clear that the Worker’s Romania Association will also reject any and all attempts by the Romanian Government to use disruption caused by this conflict as cover to obscure its own failings or as an excuse to introduce unpopular and unacceptable dictatorial policies. Trying to silence people who objectively criticize the government policies or to label them as acting under Russian propaganda or being Russian assets is an enormous stupidity and should be immediately condemned in the strongest terms, as strong as we condemn Putin’s aggression against the people of our neighboring country!

We also want to make it clear that in expressing our full support for the Ukrainian people, we, in no way, see Russian workers as our enemy and stand in solidarity with those brave people inside Russia who oppose the war and are seeing the Russian conscripted soldiers returning to their families in body bags.

We must also note the numerous reports of links between Vladimir Putin and Far Right parties across Europe, the presence of Russian oligarchs in Europe and the connections between Putin and the globalist Klaus Schwab…His policies place him under the same umbrella.

We also acknowledge the right of Ukraine to defend its citizens and territory within internationally recognized borders. We are also conscious that any expansion of this conflict could have unimaginable consequences for Europe and the entire world. We therefore reiterate the strongly held belief that all efforts must be exerted to achieve an immediate ceasefire and for negotiations to be supported by governments at the highest level.

Let me end these lines with the prophetic words of our Patriotic leader, may God take care of his soul, Nicolae Ceausescu and his thoughts about PEACE… “Do it in such a way, dear young Romanians and YOUNGSTERS everywhere, so as to ensure for your generation and for future generations a world without weapons and wars, of peace, friendship and brotherhood of all the people on our planet”.

Our thoughts and prayers are for the immediate ceasefire in the neighboring country and for life in general and for peace! That is what I ask for on behalf of the members of our association!

Yours comradely,

Ciprian Pop

Secretary General

“Worker’s Romania” association


March 14, 2022

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