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The "Worker's Romania” association continues to demonstrate its solidarity with Palestine

 The "Worker's Romania” association continues to demonstrate its solidarity with Palestine

This Saturday, December 23, several members of our association gathered at our headquarters in Bucharest to demand a ceasefire in Gaza, a 45 km² Palestinian city at the heart of Israeli bombings.

Since October 7, 2023, the date the war in Gaza began, activists from our association have held several rallies to demand peace, and on two occasions our members joined together and participated in larger community gatherings organized by the Palestinian community from Bucharest.

The spirit of determination and solidarity of our members for the cause of Palestine has always been strong. The death toll since the start of the assault on Gaza, the majority of which consists of women and children, was brought up several times during our meetings.

On several occasions, we have mentioned the number of hospitals and places of worship, places that should have been protected by international humanitarian law, destroyed by Israeli bombs and we continue to talk about the misery and destruction during this holiday season.

The association that I lead here in Bucharest is one of the rare places of the trade union movement and left-wing political groups which regularly displays its opposition to the war.

On several occasions there have also been calls for a boycott of Israeli products and multinationals that continue to trade with Israel, especially in the occupied territories, and letters have been sent to the Israeli embassy in Bucharest demanding an end to the genocide.

Other events are planned for 2024.

We will always support our Palestinian friends!

Ciprian Pop

Secretary General of the "Worker's Romania" association

Cu respect /Best regards/Con atentos saludos/보냄

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miercuri, 20 decembrie 2023

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!


Dear comrades and friends,
Please receive our warmest regards, best wishes for
you and your loved ones, best of luck in your sincere
activity dedicated to the working class and in all
your future endeavours!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!
Comradely yours,
Ciprian Pop
Secretary General
Worker’s Romania association
Bucharest, Romania