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The „Worker's Romania” publication and association, standing by the heroic people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The „Worker's Romania” publication and association, standing by the heroic people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

On March 3rd the UN passed a resolution including the toughest and most unjust sanctions to which the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and especially the people of this country, have ever been subjected to.
All part of an attempt labeled by the international press, unaware of the complexity of the situation as "a punishment" for DPRK's normal right of any sovereign state, namely bringing a civilian satellite on the Earth orbit, when other countries such as India, Pakistan and Israel undertake frequent intercontinental ballistic missile tests without being punished by anyone!
The international press, used as a "transmission belt" also by some publications from my country fails in bringing to our attention a truth: namely that in the last seven years the DPRK requested many times through its Permanent Mission at the UN headquarters in New York the possibility of engaging direct negotiations at bilateral level with the US. Every time, the DPRK has asked for something very simple and very logical, namely signing a lasting peace, to give serious security guarantees to the Korean people, replacing the armistice agreement that ended the conflict in July of 1953 .
The US, South Korea and Japan have called for this resolution whose sole purpose is a collective punishment for the entire Korean population.
The resolution imposes a total ban on the export of gold, titanium , vanadium and other rare metals from the DPR of Korea and the imports of coal, iron and iron ore from other countries.
The Resolution prohibits other states from selling to the DPRK kerosene or other fuels used in civilian aviation and also denies the DPRK from its normal right of operating charter flights.
Moreover, the US is pressing the Chinese side not to respect its already established contracts meant to import minerals from the DPR of Korea, as well as those contracts referring to providing aliments. The result: a very clear and painful one!!! With about 70 per cent mountainous terrain, this country won't be able to satisfy its agricultural and food necessities, so these measures are only meant to plunge the country into famine, giving a heavy blow to the heroic Korean people.
The resolution will also thwart the right of vessels under Korean flag from entering foreign ports, in an obvious effort to block the exchange of goods with this country and the international trade involving Pyongyang, a serious violation of the Convention on Montego Bay, from the 12th December 1982 regarding the law of the Sea .
In addition, the above mentioned resolution also seeks to prevent Pyongyang's access to the international banking system and many other aspects meant to suffocate the Korean people .
The “Worker's Romania” Association considers that a long lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula can only be achieved through independence and full equality, noninterference in internal affairs, the right of the Koreans to determine their own political line independently.
We firmly pronounce ourselves against this inhumane resolution and we ask both the United States and South Korea to refrain from such gestures and measures, which are not peaceful and will further complicate the situation on the Korean Peninsula.
We are also asking the United States to seriously analyze the possibility of replacing the armistice agreement with a durable peace, offering the DPR of Korea clear security guarantees, meant to bring the expected lasting peace and the tranquility of a people already troubled by the sad reality of its division.

Ciprian POP
Secretary General of the “Worker's Romania” Association
Chief Editor of the “Worker's Romania“ publication


Cu respect /Best regards/Con atentos saludos/보냄/ С уважением

Asociatia Romania Muncitoare/Romanian Worker's Association

OSIM-M-2005-06220; ISSN-1224-254

Bucharest, Romania

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