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Dear Comrades and friends,


 The Worker's Romania Association wishes to bring to your knowledge the significance of a very important day in the history of the Romanian nation: December the 1st is the conclusion of the secular aspirations of all those of “one nation and one language”, a people "three times millennial", as our great historian Nicolae Iorga very wisely used to say.

 In 514 B.Cr, the Dacians, ancestors the Romanian people, confronted the mighty Persian King Darius. Mentioning this battle, a very important Greek historian, Herodotus, writes that the Dacians were "the bravest and the most righteous of the Thracians tribes".  Later on, King Burebista was considered the founder of the first centralized Dacian state, the first to unificate all Dacian tribes streching from South of the Danube river up to the Northern Carpathians.

 Genuine obstacle in the way of barbarian invasions, for many centurries to come, in the Middle Ages and afterwards, the Romanians represented a stronghold defending the peace and stability of Western Europe, not in vain our prince Stephan the Great (1457 – 1504)  was called by the Pope himself  "champion of Christianity"  and “athlete of Christ”.

In June of 1600 , Michael the Brave, brilliant European personality, was the creator of a first political unification of all those of one nation and one language, in the city of Alba Iulia, then and now, the "city of the union of all Romanians”.

His gesture was to become reality on December 1st, 1918 !

 On December 1st 1918, the National Assembly in Alba Iulia, made up of 1228 delegates and supported by over 100,000 Romanians from all over Transylvania, adopted a resolution transforming our dream for centurries, namely the union of all Romanians from Transylvania and the smaller historical provinces of Banat, Crisana, Maramures and Satmar  with the MOTHERLAND, ROMANIA.

 On December the 1st we celebrate the national holiday of Romania, the national day of the Romanian people wherever they might be and we hope that our many friends from different progressive organisations, leftist parties and trade unions world wide will share with us this great feeling of joy.

Wishing you all the very best, 

I remain Yours sincerely,
Ciprian POP
Secretary General of the Worker's Romania Association

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