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The sad news about the death of a Romanian diplomat in Afghanistan in a blast caused by the Talliban tells us that we shouldn't be fighting wars that are not ours

The sad news about the death of a Romanian diplomat in Afghanistan in a blast caused by the Talliban tells us that we shouldn't be fighting wars that are not ours
In 2001, The United States government invaded Afghanistan with the explicit aim to remove the Islamic fundamentalist group, the Taliban, from power. Some 18 years later, the US government is negotiating a peace deal with the same violent group...this is yet another proof of the failed American geopolitical thinking and of acting without knowing the history and geopolitics of that place and, even worse, against a movement that they themselves had created, the Talibans.
The "Worker's Romania" association came across the sad news of an attack in Kabul yesterday, which targeted Romania's Embassy there and the death of a Romanian employee, who died to save the others.
"It is a tragic moment for Romania, mainly not only for our diplomatic mission there, not only for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, for Romania, because a man died, actually a young man sacrificed his life to save the others, in an effort to combat this terrorist attack. (...) He actually gave his life to save the others. He did his duty until the last moment," Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramona Manescu told Antena 3 private television broadcaster late last night in a live address.
In this respect, she talked about the possibility of the dead Romanian having a national funeral. "He deserves all the honors and all our respect," she said.
The head of the Romanian diplomacy said that Romania's Embassy in Kabul was the target of the attack. "Unfortunately, the Embassy was targeted, Romania's mission there. The attack began last night. It was a sustained attack, with bomb cars, with all the devices, as the Taliban terrorists are used to act," she pointed out and described the attack as an "assault."
"After they attacked the main building where our colleagues were, they set fire on annex buildings. The place cannot be used anymore," Manescu detailed. The Minister said the team of Romania's Embassy in Kabul was made up of 12 people.
At the same time, Manescu said the injured Romanian is "outside any danger, in a stable condition."
The Foreign Minister added that, in this situation, the representatives of the Romanian diplomatic mission collaborated with the Romanian Defense Ministry. "We are in contact with the colleagues of Defence. It is with them that we also made the evacuation to the NATO base and we'll probably also make the transfer of our colleagues back home," she explained.
Manescu spoke of the security situation in Afghanistan.
"It is unbelievable how, still, with all the efforts that Romania and all NATO partners are making in Afghanistan, we still have these terrorist attacks. (...) Now it happened to attack the Romanian mission there, but this situation is a current one," Manescu pointed out.
She said the priorities are the repatriation of the embassy employees and finding a space for the diplomatic mission's activity in the future.
The "Worker's Romania" association expresses it's deepest sorrow over the death of a fellow countryman and sends condolences to his family, also hoping for the quick recovery of the second diplomat, who was also injured while being on the premises of the diplomatic mission when the assault took place.
On the other hand, the "Worker's Romania" association considers that the time has come for the Romanian authorities to consider calling back home our military detachment in Afghanistan, where , for quite a long period of time now, we have been fighting in a war which is not ours.
The Romanian government had better think of how to solve the many social and economic problems that we're facing at home and also come up with good strategies meant to stop Romanian migration and bring home the four million Romanians, many if them highly skilled, who saw themselves forced to live the Motherland for better life conditions abroad.
The time has come to focus on our real problems instead of spilling the blood of our sons and daughters in war torn parts of the world to the benefit of the American imperialism and for the sake of the American military-industrial complex which is the only beneficiary out of the life's lost in these 'theaters of operations".
For me, this is a sad day, on one side because my thoughts and feelings are with the family of the perished fellow countryman and also since it was for the first time that a Romanian Diplomatic Mission became the target of an attack. This has never happened before, because Romanians were regarded as friends wherever they were and in the Middle Eastern countries it was a matter of pride to present yourself as being Romanian, thanks to the wonderful relations we were maintaining there. Now, all because of the failed policies of our Government and the fact that we no longer have our own foreign policy, but one dictated from Washington, we're being regarded as an enemy nation. This is for me a second reason of great sadness.
I just hope that a wiser political class will replace this one and my Motherland, Romania, will regain the good friendly reputation that she deserves.

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